Sunday, January 18, 2009

Premier 99 Wins the Celtic Cup in California

Look at that face . . . .GOOAAALLL!


Well the first week of new baby and family life was a whirlwind! It is a blessing that the older kids are in school . . .because then I finally get a turn to hold Khloe.

Jeff had a soccer tournament in California and took Preston. I then realized that . . Ya Jeff does help out a lot, so I kind of missed him! I didn't have help from him but had help from so many people . . . . THANKS!
I called and got updates on the tournament . . it is the biggest on the West Coast. Jeff's team played the #1 team in Southern Cal in the Semi's and won 1-0 . . Preston scored the goal running against the wind with a slight incline with 2 minutes left in the game! He got dogpiled after the game. I felt the excitement eventhough I wasn't there. They ended up winning the whole tournament and I was able to listen to the awards ceremony via cell phone. Jeff got emotional as he told the boys how proud that he was of all of them and what an accomplishment. I was happy for Jeff as this is a part-time job that he does not get paid for! He loves doining it and Preston and Parker love playing this game . . it is a passion that they all share! Out of the 8 goals scored in the tournament Preston had 5! Congrats!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Delivery Details (Hormones Included)

I can't believe she is finally here! What a blessing to our family. I was in denial for so long . . not anymore . . . I love her so much. She is a gift!
Delivery went smooth. On New Years Eve I was having contractions but they were not consistent. Didn't think much of it and decided to go to my Mom's for dinner. Still having contractions but still not consistent. My sister finally urged me to go the Hospital . . .I was very apprehensive because I thought they would send me home . . . good thing I went. I got to the St. Rose Sienna at about 10:15pm they hooked me up to a monitor and from that point on contractions were 3 and 5 minutes apart. The Dr. came in to give the epidural wearing a Utah Utes hospital cap that sparked sports conversation between Jeff and the Dr. I finally had to tell Jeff to stop talking to him until he gave me the epidural. Meanwhile the nurse came in and told me that my OB Dr. would not be coming in he was at a party. That immediately started the tear flow from my eyes I was going to have a stranger deliver my baby. I got my epidural @ 12:15am AHH relief! (Jeff gave me a new years kiss in between contractions). I was able to rest for about 45 minutes when my membrane broke. The nurses came in and checked me left the room turned off the light and told me to rest and call when my water broke. 1:45 am water broke nurses came in I was a 10 and ready to push! No Dr. my body started to shake uncontrollably (never happened before with the others) and pain was felt the epidural booster pump was not working. The Dr. came in and gave me a little more medicine. 2:15 no Dr. still shaking and told everyone I needed to push. They told me to hold on and I did . . . I was gripping the side of the hospital bed with all of my might. Dr. shows up .. . . she was young but extremely nice. I started the pushing and with four pushes 2:35 am Baby girl Judd arrived into this world. The tears were turned on again as I held this beautiful little girl in my arms I knew right then that she was meant to be a part of our family. I love her so much! She is doing well. She weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20 inches long. Parker, Preston, and Kennedy all adore her and cannot get enough of her. Jeff is so sweet to her. I love him and all of my children so very much and would not trade being a Mom for anything in this world!

Happy New Year! Happy Baby Girl!

Pictures fom the Newspaper Article

Khloe Noelle Judd is here!! We are so blessed to have her in our family. Check out the link to see a newsapaper article about the first baby of the New Year in Henderson! The article is suppose to be in the Henderson Home News this Thursday! If you get it please save it for me!

Thanks so much. More info to come about the birth!

Christmas Eve/ Christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Today we went to deliver presents as a family to needy children in the valley. This was a great and humbling experience for us all. Jeff also felt inspired to take Christmas to the one of the families whose son plays on Preston's soccer team. (Jeff is a great guy.)

We host Christmas Eve every year . . . no nothing fancy usually a baked potato bar, chili, of course SWEETS! We have a tradition of playing Christmas Bingo . .. yes we are VEGAS. It is a game that everyone looks forward to. We had three Great Grandmas in attendance . . . we had a blast!

Christmas Day was great too. We went to both my parents and Jeff's parents. We are blessed to have are family here!
Dancing in PJ's to Karaoke! Rock out Preston!

Christmas Performance

Kennedy . . . danced a the mall December 10th. She did a great job, so much showmanship. Kennedy when you dance you make me smile! I love ya, girl.

Snow Day!

I have lived in Vegas my whole life and can nevere remember snowing this much. The kids had a blast . . . as far as myself, I am glad that I live in the desert!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

8 is Great!

I have a confession . . . I was not going to do a Birthday Party. But we ended up putting one together kind of last minute. When I picked up the girls I had nothing planned. These days at now 37 weeks pregnant . . . I take it hour by hour each day. I ended up taking them to the mall in hopes that Libby Lu would have openings. Thank goodness they did! Happy Birthday Kennedy! Kennedy had a little party with 3 friends Sydney, Jordyn, Ella, and her cousin Cassidy. They went to Libby Lu and got makeovers! I wanted one too but I exceeded the age limit and could no way be as cute as these supermodels!

Rugrats Tournament

We made it through another Tournament Weekend. Preston's team won the tournament. Parker had a tough weekend playing the top 3 teams in the State. He won one, came close in the other, and lost to the State Champs. He played like great! I enjoy watching them both play!

Kennedy's Baptism

Friends and Cousins

School teacher Ms. Figlak

Daddy's little girl!

What a great and special day that we shared with family and friends. Kennedy was so excited to see everyone come and support her on on her Baptism Day. A couple of cute things Kennedy said this weekend:

* Friday the day before her Baptism she said, "This is my last day to do something naughty . . . what shall I do?"

* Saturday night after the Baptism she told Emily her Aunt "I am still sin-free!"

I am so thankful to have such a fun, sweet little girl as my daughter . . .I love you Kennedy!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Yellow card for pulling on the yellow shirt!
Look how tall the other player is . . .Parker take your vitamins!

Parker Controls the Ball!

It was a fun but busy Thanksgiving Weekend. We started off our Thanksgiving with the boys playing football with the Wards Elders Quorum. They had a blast. We then rushed off to Grandma and Grandpa Rowland's for a Thanksgiving lunch. We then dashed across town to the Blanchard's home (Jeff's sister) for dinner with the Judd Family. I felt like we ate all day . . .oh yeah we did. The food was amazing.

Friday we had 4 soccer games starting at 8:00am and ending at 7:30 pm. The boys did great. Parker's team won both of their games and Preston won one and tied the other ( they were playing up an age group). Saturday, we had another 4 games and that started at 8:00am and ended at 6:30 pm. Parker's team won the first game and then played the Nevada State Champions, Neusport in the semi-final. They did really good considering this team was killing everyone 10-0. The boys were nervous but played with a lot of heart. The other team had boys that looked like they were 18! They were huge and mature for their age. Our team got beat up . . one of our players ended up with a concusion and another with a knee injury. We ended being the only team to score a goal on them the whole tourney, but we lost 1-4. I have never seen Parker play so aggressively . . . he did really good! He ended up getting a yellow card but I was impressed with his efforts.

Prestons team lost 0-1 and then played a consolation game and won 3-2. He had a hat trick on the last game scoring all three goals.The boys have one more tournament for the year Whew! This weekend is the Rugrats Tournament.

On Saturday night we ended up scoring tickets to the Jonas Brothers! Parker did not want to go. I tried to tell him that there would be a lot of cute girls there . . .he decided to hangout with Dad and catch a movie. Anyway, the concert was great. Kennedy and Preston had a great time. Kennedy told me the Nick looked at her and gave her a wave. She was so excited. She was a party animal and stood up the whole concert . . .she sang and danced. This was Preston's first concert . . he did not appreciate all of the screaming girls. He had a good time though. He was a bit tired from the soccer tournament but I saw him jamming to quite a few of the songs. He even went on the floor to look for the guitar pick the nick threw into the audience. We got home from the concert at midnight . . .we were pooped! But I think we made a few memories.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Under 11 Mexican League Champions!

Preston with Special Award "Most Goals Scored" in League play!

Premier takes home the trophy!

OLE! OLE! OLE! The Under 10 (boys 9-10 years old) Premier team that Preston plays on and Jeff coaches has won the Under 11 (boys 10 -11 yeas old) Mexican League Championship. The games consisted of regular season play and then playing two different teams in an aggregate series of games. The final two games included a win by Premier 3-1 which put our team ahead by 2 goals. The boys had to play the same team and lost 1-2 but still won the tournament because it went off of total goals scored out of the two games 4- 3. The boys were so excited and the parents too! Jeff really loves working with the boys, he hugged each one of them as the gold medals were being passed out. Preston was awarded with a special individual trophy for most goals scored out of all of the teams throughout the entire season! What an honor . . . way to go Preston! I was proud of my boys (Jeff and Preston) and excited for all of the boys on the team as they played their little hearts out!

More soccer to come as both Parker and Preston will be playing in the Turkey Shoot Tournament starting this Friday! We will have 4 games on Friday and 4 games on Saturday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Thoughts from a Pregnant Lady!

Thanksgiving . . . . is it all about the food . . .is there really a feeling of "THANKS"? I love this time of year. Yes, the food is great but it is a time of reflection as well. I am not a fan of being pregnant . . . but re: the food I will not have to worry about unbuttoning the pants, maternity jeans are great, nice and stretchy!

I was grateful for the reminders at church to have and show gratitude in our everyday lives. I am truly blessed and I hope and pray that I can be more diligent in showing my gratitude toward my family, friends, and my Savior.

I have appox. 5 weeks left until baby girl Judd arrives. I guess it is time to officially come out of denial! I still have been teaching dance. It is frustrating to not be able to bend, move, and stretch. It is amazing how fast the time has gone by. . . I guess that is because I just realized that a baby is really coming to our home in this last month. Yikes . . . .does anyone know of a really good eye cream . . . those sleepless nights are right around the corner!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kennedy . . . Not a Fan of Rodeo and "Lauren"

Preston and Kennedy were flipping through the channels on the TV late Friday night. All of a sudden from the other room I hear Kennedy crying, " They are killing baby goats why are they letting them do that!" I ran into the other room and she was clearly upset as tears were coming down her face. I looked at the TV to see what they were watching and it was a timed rodeo event where they rope the calf and turn it on their back and tie three of their legs together. I thought that it was so cute that she was so concerned for the animals. I tried to explain to her (without laughing) that it was a contest and the baby cow was not getting hurt. She still did not like how it looked and was concerned for the calf . . . . we turned the channel.

NAMES . . . . it is a challenge trying to find the right name for a baby. You try to think of all of the ways that it could be made fun of or if it sounds great for a baby name, but you not as an adult name. One of the names that we really like is our neighbors dogs name. Can we name our baby after a dog? We thought we narrowed it down to a "K" name. Our email address has our initials in it. P's, J's and and a K. Kennedy insists that we need another K name for her baby sister. We have brainstormed many names . . . some of the favorites are Khloe, Katelyn, Kylie, Kourtney, Kali . . . it is so hard to decide. Jeff and I started thinking of other names that do not start with the letter "K". So I decided to ask the kids what they thought about the name "Lauren". Kennedy immediately said "Lauren sounds like an old lady that has a uni brow". Obviously . . . I then realized we need to stick with a "K" name. Kids say the funniest things! If you have any suggestions, please share!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Runnin' Rebel Fever in our house!

It is that time again. Rebel Basketball Season. Jeff loves the Rebels and can spout off all sorts of Rebel Basketball trivia and history. He is a BIG fan! The kids look forward to the games and we have a great time going as a family! We love watching them play. The kids know all of the players by name. Preston ran into Hamga (UNLV's Center 7 foot something) at McDonalds while he was with his friend. He went right up to him and talked with him for awhile. The next week we ran into the Assistant Coach Shepard at Cafe Rio we talked with him for awhile he came over to our table while he was waiting for his food. Preston told him that he had seen Hamga at McDonalds. Preston proceeded to tell coach that Hamga was eating a Big Mac and french fries coach laughed and said that they were trying to keep him away from Big Macs.

The first game of this season took place on Tuesday. Before we went to the game Kennedy had dance for 3 1/2 hours and Preston had a soccer game in the Mexican League for the Finals. His team won 4 - 0. They are playing up a year. Preston had 2 goals and one assist. He played great! They continue their goal to win the league Championship on Saturday. I left Kennedy at dance to watch his game on Sandhill and Bonanza then drove back and got Kennedy then went straight to the Basketball game. The Juddbus was in service all night! We had a good time at the Rebel game. We have had the same seats for about 4 years and have made some friends over the years. (even though it seems we are in the Senior Citizen section.) It is great the kids have "Rebel" Grandparents we look froward to seeing them every season.
I don't know how many more of the games that I will be able to attend . . . I am afraid that I won't be able to fit in the seats much longer. Yikes!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween! I love to dress up. I thought it would be cute to make my 8 month pregnant belly into a Jack-O-Lantern. It might have been cute for maybe 30 seconds but then I realized I could have made each butt cheek into a Jack - O -Lantern too. Not so cute anymore!
I love Halloween. The kids had fun at the Trunk or Treat. Parker dressed as a Halo commander, Preston wanted to be a "Happy Clown" and Kennedy dressed as a cowgirl.
Jeff and Parker helped in the Haunted House and Parker got me really good!
I hope that everyone has a great Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wife of a Soccer Coach

It was another soccer filled weekend. This week we had double the games do to the Las Vegas Mayor's Cup. Both Parker and Preston played and Jeff coached. Between the two boys we had a total of 7 games. Preston played up a division in age group and scored 5 goals. Parker played stopper and midfield and made an impact in the game with his shut down defense. I love watching the boys play and cheering them and their teams on. Preston's team won 2 out of 3 games and played teams from Alaska and Arizona. Parker's team went to the finals but lost 4-1. Kennedy is a good sport about coming to the games. She has made a lot of friends that are boys and between the two teams it is almost like having 26 older brothers. Kennedy also knows how and when to cheer her Mom on too. After church we went straight to the soccer fields. When we were walking to the fields we got some serious looks as we were dressed up for a soccer game. I stood out as a pregnant lady in a dress and heels. Kennedy heard a team walk by us and comment about the lady that is pregnant (me). She was walking behind me and turned to the team of boys and said, "Hey, that is my Mom." She is not afraid of anything. Kennedy is a good friend I am thankful we are the best of friends.

Jeff, my husband, is a good coach he volunteers so much of his time into helping his sons and other children in the community. He has a great passion for the game of soccer and is very competitive. He will help his boys succeed in anything that they show interest. He is a keeper.

The next tournament is the Turkey Shoot Thanksgiving weekend. Until then the boys practice with their teams 2 times a week and train with Manny (a pro from France) 3-4 times a week depending on how much homework they have.

Soccer has taught my boys many valuable life lessons. How to deal with pressure, how to succeed, to lose gracefully, leadership, how to work hard, do your best, physical fitness, and working with others. I guess I am a fan of the sport too.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I finally made a blog.